The Relationship between Primigravida and Preeclampsia

  Dr.dr.A.Armyn Nurdin, M.Sc.,DK
 “The Relationship between Primigravida and Preeclampsia”
 ( xii + 84 Page + 11 Appendix )

Background: Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) is one of the indicators to look at the health status of women. Maternal mortality is also one of the targets that have been set in the millennium development goals to 5 goals of improving maternal health in which the targets to be achieved by 2015 is to reduce ¾ the risk of maternal mortality. According to the National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) in July 2005, the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) is still around 307/100,000 live births. The direct causes of maternal deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth mainly bleeding (28%). Another cause of the eclampsia (24%), infections (11%), prolonged labor (5%), and abortion (5%).
Purpose: To know the frequency of preeclampsia in pregnant women primigravida.
Methods: Using the analytic epidemiologic observational study design that examines the relationship between the effects (such as a disease or health condition) with certain specific risk factors by case-control approach. All the populations in this study were all pregnant women with preeclampsia (case group) and preeclampsia / normal (control group) at several hospitals in Makassar in January-December 2011. Sampling in total sampling. The data used are secondary data extracted from medical records. Data were analyzed using Chi-square test.
Results: The number of respondents were 162 respondents were divided into two groups: the group diagnosis of preeclampsia as many as 81 people (50%) and the normal diagnosis as many as 81 people (50%). Statistical test results obtained with the Chi-square p = 0.011 (p <0.05). There were statistically significant relationships between primigravidae with preeclampsia. From the                                   results of the analysis of the obtained OR = 2.263.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that there is a statistically significant  relationship between primigravida with preeclampsia. Primigravida pregnant                                     women at risk 2.263 to get preeclampsia than the multigravida.

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